Wise Spending Habits

You work so hard for your money that you should be careful how you spend it. Reading the following tips could help you save more than a few pennies!

The Basics:

  • Decide how much you're going to spend before you go shopping and stick to your budget.
  • Use coupons! At the end of the year you will be surprised at how much you will have saved and how easy it was.
  • Shop alone and do it quickly. Spending too much time in a shopping mall will only make you buy more unneeded stuff.
  • Always compare prices and don't assume that if it's on sale it's cheaper. Be aware of marketing strategies that try to get you to buy more.
  • Bring a list and stick to it when you do your groceries. Don't shop when you are hungry… it can really make a difference!
  • When shopping online, be aware of hidden fees. Items such as shipping, taxes, and customs can increase the total significantly.
  • Before buying something, ask yourself: Is this essential for me to be happy? Will I really regret it tomorrow if I don't buy it now? This will help you screen out things that are not worth spending your money on.

Helpful Web Sites:

  • Learn how to make good consumer decisions and maximize the amount of money you have at your disposal with the Canadian Consumer Handbook.
  • Take advantage of ecological incentives and rebates available to help you use less energy, switch to renewable energy and produce less waste at home and on the road.