Template of a functional résumé


Your Name
Home Address
City, Province Postal Code

Skills and abilities


  • Use this space to give your prospective employer a brief summary of key skills and professional characteristics
  • Add some notable value-added skills, such as a second language, licences, or certifications

Skill #1

  • Use these bullets to highlight key accomplishments or further define your skill to provide the employer with a deeper sense of your skills and abilities

Skill #2

  • When describing your skills, do not just list them—showcase how you used those skills and describe the results

Skill #3

  • Select the skills you are showcasing based on the requirements of the job you’re applying for
  • Each résumé should be tailored to a different job
  • If the job you’re applying for requires someone who is good with numbers, include your skills that involve accounting or budgeting


Job titleYear–year
Company name, City, Province or Territory

Job titleYear–year
Company name, City, Province or Territory

Volunteer experience

  • Use these bullets to list a few places you volunteered to gain and develop your transferrable skills

Education and training

College or University – MajorYear–year
City, Province or Territory

High schoolYear–year
City, Province or Territory