Template of a cover letter for an advertised job


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Dear Ms./Mrs./Mr. Employer:

(Be sure to determine the formal designation (Ms./Mrs./Mr.) of the person you are contacting. If you’re not sure, call the organization to confirm.)

Paragraph 1 – Introduction
Use this paragraph to introduce yourself and to get the attention of the employer. Be professional and polite in language and tone. Mention the position you are applying for, why you are applying for the job, and how you found out about it. Show interest in the organization, and explain why you would like to be part of it.

Paragraph 2 and 3 – Description
This is the main body of your letter, which is usually one or two paragraphs long. Explain your qualifications and why you should be considered for the position. Don’t just repeat the content of your résumé; give specific examples and explain how your individual skills will help you in the position you’re applying for. Feel free to talk about any special workplace recognition or awards you received in the past. This part of the letter is meant to convince the employer that you would be a valuable addition to the team.

Paragraph 4 – Closing
It’s important to end your letter in a courteous way. Reinforce your desire to be part of the organization, and politely request an interview. End with an action statement, informing the employer about when you plan to contact him or her to follow up on your application. Provide your personal contact information and an appropriate time to call, in case the employer would like to reach you before you contact him or her. It’s important to follow instructions, so if the job advertisement says not to call or e-mail, respect their wishes.

Thank you,/Yours sincerely,/Yours truly, etc.

[sign your name]

Your name

Enclosure (your résumé)