Job outlook

A good way to plan for your future is to determine the potential job prospects in your field of interest. This page will provide you with labour market information and resources to help give you an overview of general industry information, including which industries have a promising job outlook.

Knowing your labour market

A labour market is an environment where employees and employers interact and exchange labour and work for wages and salaries.

Understanding the labour market in Canada can help you identify the industries or sectors in Canada that are growing and have promising employment rates. Taking time to do your research as you plan your career can help prevent you from investing a lot of your time and resources in a field that has a high unemployment rate and minimal growth potential.

What labour market information can tell you

Labour market information can help you plan your career by providing you with valuable information to help you plan your future and manage your employment expectations.

Labour market information can tell you:

How much money you could make.

Labour market information can give you some insight on the average wages you can expect when working in a certain industry or region.

Which industries are hiring.

Knowing the percentage of people that are employed in your industry or region can help give you an idea of the type of job market you’ll be entering. The employment rate can let you know that you might need to move to a different part of Canada to find work, or compete with a large number of trained candidates for a few jobs in your area.

About upcoming employment opportunities.

Major economic events and periods of significant industry growth often create job opportunities, which can be reported in labour market information.

Which industries are growing.

Labour market information can tell you how much employment or an industry grew in the last four months, and predict the future strength of your industry or region.

Job Bank

Job Bank is an online resource with detailed labour market information on jobs, careers, and regional labour markets in Canada.

Regional labour markets

Labour market information is broken down by geographic region in Canada. You can find information for each provincial or territorial region, and more specific information on local labour markets.

Provincial and local labour market information:

Other helpful resources