Am I Old Enough to Work?

Are you anxious to get out there and earn some money? Depending on the province or territory where you plan to work, you may be too young for certain jobs, or to work certain hours. The information and links below will explain what work you can and cannot do.

The Basics:

  • Have a look at the specific age rules for your province or territory.
  • You may need parental consent to do paid work. Some provinces set minimum ages for any kind of paid work.
  • Keep up with school! Most provinces set work hours that limit you to working outside of your school schedule. Other laws keep youth from working overnight shifts.
  • Be aware of work that you can and cannot do. You may not be old enough to work at some dangerous or unsuitable jobs. Such jobs include: mining, window washing, jobs using explosives or radiation, forestry, factory work, construction, delivery, ships, or places serving liquor.

Helpful Web Sites: