Healthy Living

  • Find out more about healthy eatingexerciseself-esteem and body image issues from Health Canada.
  • Learn how to relieve your stress.
  • Recognize the symptoms of depression, gambling addiction and other types of mental illness so that you, or others close to you, can seek treatment.
  • Raise your awareness of the effects and risks of drug and alcohol use and ways you can beat an addiction.
  • Find out how you can quit smoking.
  • Recognize the potential hazards of common activities and misuse of consumer products, such as listening to loud music, excessive tanning, sports, tattooing and piercing, smoking, cosmetics and vitamin supplements.

Finding a Doctor

  • In most provinces and territories, the Ministry of Health or the provincial College of Physicians and Surgeons offers an online directory of physicians, often sorted by location and specialty.

Medical and Health Information Tools

Public Health Insurance

  • Each province and territory in Canada provides public health insurance to its citizens and permanent residents. To receive medical care under provincial or territorial health care plans, you must register and obtain a health card.