A Career in the Trades - Debunking the Myths (Setting the Record Straight)

The host, a young man in his twenties, appears on screen in front of an all-white backdrop and begins to speak.

Have you ever considered a career as a skilled trade? Well, now might be the perfect time.

But first, let’s set the record straight about some common misconceptions.

Myth 1: The skilled trades are not for students with good grades.

The words “MYTH 1” appear on screen, followed by clipart report cards, the grade A+ written over the top.

If you’re creative and like practical work with tangible results, the skilled trades are a good choice. They require people with strong skills in reading, writing, math and science.

Stick figure appears on screen, light bulbs appear overhead. Morphs into three stick figures, one wearing a chef hat, the other a mining helmet. Single stick figure re-appears and the image of a calculator, pencil and paper, and microscope appear to the right.

Myth 2: University is the only path to a good career.

The words “MYTH 2” appear on screen, followed by a clipart university hall with footsteps appearing in front.

It’s one option, not the only option. Working in the skilled trades is a great career choice. Canada is experiencing skills shortages, meaning more opportunities and higher wages.

Image of a trades certificate appears in middle of the screen along with the words “learn on the job”, “industry training”, and “apprenticeship”. Morphs into a graphic about the Red Seal Trades, the words “over 50 trades in the Red Seal program” and “projected labour shortage over the next 3 to 10 years” appears on screen. The word “opportunity” appears on screen, followed by bags of money, which drop down from above.

Myth 3: Skilled trade work is dirty, noisy and physically demanding.

The words “MYTH 3” appear on screen, a backhoe appears with a hook and lifts the words up from the page. A dump truck quickly appears, followed by a large man with big muscles.

Most trades are “hands-on”. But the jobs are diverse. Choose the type of work that suits you.

Host re-appears full-screen.

Myth 4: Jobs in the trades are dead-end jobs.

The words “MYTH 4” appear on screen. A dead-end sign appear on screen.

Once certified, you can expect opportunities to advance to supervisory roles, management, or even open your own business. The possibilities are endless.

The dead-end sign pops out of the ground and an ink stamp with the word “CERTIFIED” stamps onto the page. Stick figure appears on screen with word “supervisor” on the chest. A building appears with an “open” sign in the window.

Myth 5: Trades are jobs for guys.

The words “MYTH 5” appear on screen. A stick figure with a hard hat appears next. A stick ‘woman’ with hard hat moves in beside the original stick figure and a green checkmark appears above them.

Not so. The skilled trades include a variety of jobs. There’s something for everyone.

Host re-appears full-screen.

Never before has there been so much opportunity in this diverse and rewarding field. 

Employers are hungry for skilled tradespeople. They need qualified, motivated and passionate people to take their business to the next level. But don’t just take my word for it …

… We’ve heard from employers all over Canada and the message is clear, there’s a shortage of skilled tradespeople and jobs are available from coast to coast.

The following quotes appear on screen:

“Job opportunities looking very good in some areas of the country.”

“Boomer retirement surge will result in more jobs.”

“Motive power industry experiencing a shortage right now.”

Map of Canada appears and “help wanted” signs pop-up all over the map.

An apprenticeship is the best way to get your start in the trades. You’ll get paid on-the-job experience combined with technical training. Government grants are available to get you started.

Two workers, a man and woman hold up a sign with the word “Apprenticeship”. The emblem for a trades certificate appears in the sign next, along with the words “Red Seal”. The host re-appears full-screen.

It’s time to explore the possibilities. For more information about apprenticeships in the skilled trades, visit youth.gc.ca/apprenticeships.

The URL youth.gc.ca/apprenticeships appears beside the host. Canada Word Mark appears, then the screen fades to black.