Is a career in the skilled trades for you?

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Is a career in the skilled trades for you?

November 10, 2011

We have so many career options to choose from these days, but some professions in high demand, such as skilled trades, are often overlooked.

In order to shed some light on the many skilled trade opportunities that exist, Skills/Compétences Canada and their spokesperson, Mike Holmes, held events across the country last week in support of the first ever National Skilled Trades and Technology Week. These events informed young Canadians, like you, of the variety of trade and technical careers out there and what they entail.

“There is something in the trades for everyone,” explains Holmes when asked what advice he has for young Canadians thinking of a career in the trades. “We really need a new generation of skilled workers. I’m not getting any younger, and there will still be the need for quality people in all areas. We still need roofs over our heads, cars to drive and food to eat.”

Holmes thinks highly of apprenticing as a way to get the right training. “It’s always best to learn from the best. So if you can find a good employer in your skill, it really is the best way to learn,” explains Holmes. “You need to get your hands into it and work alongside mentors who want to teach and make it their priority to teach you the right way.”

For those of you who have recently completed, are currently doing or even thinking about doing an apprenticeship in one of the 52 Red Seal trades, you should look into the Government of Canada’s apprenticeship grants. These grants will help you pay for tools, travel, tuition, and other expenses.

Women are increasingly choosing careers in the trades and Holmes couldn’t be more enthusiastic about it: “Please don’t stop, you’ll keep the men honest!”

Most importantly, when it comes to career choices, you want to be passionate about what you do. “If you don’t have it then you will not be the best at what you do and you will not get up every morning saying that you are looking forward to going to work,” admits Holmes. “The more passion you have, the more successful you will be.”

If you’re thinking that a career in the skilled trades might be for you, I encourage you to visit Skills/Compétences Canada for more information.