Protecting Your SIN is Your Responsibility

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Protecting Your SIN is Your Responsibility

November 7, 2011

A few months ago, I shared how I was asked for my Social Insurance Number (SIN) when filling out a rental application. Well, this week is International Fraud Awareness Week, which gives me an opportunity to highlight once again why protecting yourself against identity theft is so important.

If a thief gets hold of your SIN, they can easily steal your identity and pretend they are you. They can use it to gather your personal information, which can hurt both your personal and financial reputation. By using your SIN, a thief could obtain other personal information and create various accounts in your name so that you end up paying their bills and income taxes, among other things.

If your identity has been stolen, there are a number of organizations you need to contact and notify. Depending on how much damage the criminal has done, the process of proving your identity can be a long and difficult one.

Bottom line: Keep your SIN card in a safe place at home and definitely don’t carry it around with you in your wallet. If you ever lose your purse or get pick-pocketed, the one card that would be the worst to lose is your SIN. Also, never post your number on the Internet or e-mail it to anyone. You never know in whose hands that information could end up.

Identity theft is a fast-growing crime. Know your rights and responsibilities regarding your SIN or you may be the next victim.

For more information on how to protect your SIN and what to do if you suspect someone is using your SIN, visit the Service Canada Web site.



Raymonde says,
January 7, 2012

"This was a very useful series of posts (Ref: I stumbled on it while Googling and trying to find more information. This was nicely written not in 'jargon' often seen on other .gov sites. Keep it up and I am looking forward to the next posts. Hopefully on the top 10 things to avoid in your resume or the top 5 SINs with your SIN :)"