One of the World's Top Cabinetmakers!

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One of the World’s Top Cabinetmakers!

October 31, 2011

Jonathan Sinke from Jordan Station, Ontario, didn’t know what was in store for him when he attended the Skills Canada - Ontario competition in Kitchener, Ontario. He eventually came out on top and won a gold medal at the Skills Canada national competition. Recently, he took home a bronze medal at the 41st WorldSkills competition in London, England.

No time was wasted once Jonathan completed high school. He began an apprenticeship full-time for a year, and then finished his remaining hours while attending Conestoga College for his diploma. His next step is to write the Red Seal exam and then he’ll be all set to officially begin his career.

Now wrapping up his apprenticeship, Jonathan hopes to start his own business making custom cabinetry and furniture.

Jonathan was able to take advantage of some financial support during his training through the Government of Canada’s apprenticeship grants program. He received Apprenticeship Incentive Grants and, once he passes his Red Seal exam, he’ll qualify for the Apprenticeship Completion Grant. These are definitely worth looking into if you’re already an apprentice or thinking about joining one of the 50+ Red Seal trades.

“I enjoy the creative aspect of cabinetmaking, and I obtain great satisfaction from seeing the final product,” shares Jonathan. “It also brings me great satisfaction when my customers enjoy the final product.”

Join me in congratulating Jonathan and wishing him the best of luck as he moves toward fulfilling his career goals!.


(Photo courtesy of Skills Canada)