Have you heard of FSWEP?

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Have you heard of FSWEP?

September 14, 2011

Have you been wondering how to land an awesome job or internship with the Government of Canada?

Well, let me tell you about a program called the Federal Student Work Experience Program, or FSWEP for short.

The process of applying for a job with the Government of Canada while you’re still in school is different than the process for most other jobs. Your first step is to register and create a FSWEP account online. Once you’ve signed up, your name will be added to an inventory along with thousands of other students who have also signed up for FSWEP.

The next part requires a little bit of luck. When a job opportunity becomes available and it matches your skills and level of experience, by random draw your contact information might be provided to a hiring manager along with other similarly qualified candidates. You may then be asked to submit an application, usually your résumé and a cover letter, to compete for the position, followed by an interview.

If you’re able to relocate for the summer, make sure you indicate everywhere you’re willing to work, as this will increase the number of opportunities you qualify for.

If you are contacted for an interview, be sure to bring your “A” game. If you hear from some of your friends that they’ve been selected for an interview but you haven’t heard anything, don’t panic—the hiring process starts at different times for different departments, so you could still be contacted for other opportunities.

Also, as long as you re-register with FSWEP every year, you’ll always be in the pool for openings in the areas where you indicated you’re available to work. A good time to register is in October as that’s when the new cycle typically starts.

It was through FSWEP that I was eventually hired with Service Canada in my hometown, so I definitely recommend the program to everyone! If you’ve worked for the Government of Canada, share your thoughts here so others can learn about your experience using FSWEP.

Best of luck,