Newcomer Youth

Below is a list of programs and services specific to the needs of newcomers to Canada. Be sure to check out our general audience pages as well for more information on Jobs, Education, Careers and Money.

Further links to Web sites outlining programs for newcomers related to health, citizenship and travel are available at the Newcomers to Canada Web site of Service Canada.


  • To work in Canada, or have access to government programs and benefits, you will need to apply for a Social Insurance Number.
  • Newcomers may face challenges finding a job in Canada. Canada has two official languages: English and French. Depending on where you decide to live, you might be required to work in English, French, or in both languages. Information on Language Training and Assessment is provided from the Working in Canada Web site.
  • Learn about the eligibility requirements for a permit to work temporarily in Canada from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada Web site. Information about applying and having visitor records issued to business visitors is also included.
  • If you have recently arrived in Canada, you may need to have your academic and/or professional credentials assessed to do certain jobs in Canada. This is essential in all regulated professions.
  • Do you have the qualities to make a successful transition from temporary to permanent residence in Canada? If you are a temporary foreign worker or student who graduated in Canada, you may qualify for the Canadian Experience Class for immigration to Canada.
  • If you want to work off-campus while you study in Canada, you must be registered as a full-time student at an eligible post-secondary educational institution participating in the Off-Campus Work Permit Program from Citizenship and Immigration Canada.



  • Are you ready to file your first income tax return in Canada? Learn more about your obligations and the process for filing your return at the Newcomers to Canada (Immigrants) Web page from the Canada Revenue Agency.
  • The Immigration Loans Program provides refugees and protected persons with loans to cover the costs of medical examinations conducted abroad, transportation to Canada and travel documents.
  • The Right of Permanent Residence Fee Loan program provides loans to individuals seeking permanent resident status in Canada who are unable to pay the Right of Permanent Residence Fee.